AdElement helps Performance Marketers get Search like ROI with Display & Video Ads

Here's How

ad personalization

Personalized Creatives

A good creative is usually the single most important factor that affects the campaign ROI. Using AdElement you can easily create personalized creatives for each of your segments, do A/B testing and let our genetic algorithms continously evolve and search for bettter element combinations.

targeted audience segments

Targeted Audience Segments

AdElement lets you easliy create and target micro audience segments. Not only can you target by Geo, Behavior,Content, Keywords we also let you do dynamic retargeting and create rules to segment your site audience so you can leverage your data as well as data from all your marketing activities (for e.g. search, social etc.)

bid optimization

Bid Optimization

AdElement helps you easily plugin into biddable sources of inventory. Our bid management algorithms constantly monitor performance across multiple attributes and adjust bids to beat your ROI goals.


We offer a full service online advertising solution to all performance marketers and have built these features to provide the best possible scale and ROI for your campaigns.

AdBuilder to Build Ads in minutes

Customize and setup tests of hundreds of ads, within minutes. Use our ad element library or your own creative assets

A/B Test Your Ads

Bayesian models continously monitor ad performance & evaluate which ads need to be optimized out

Genetic Algorithm Based Ad Evolution

Genetic algorithms find the elements & combinations that are performing well and recommend ad combinations to test

Rules Engine for Segment Retargeting

Our rules engine lets you create segments of your site audience and do segment and search retargeting

Self-Serve Dynamic Retargeting

Setup feed based dynamic retargeting campaigns within hours. Make quick changes and launch tests instantly

Pay For Performance

Now run display & video ads with the confidence of search ads. Pay only when a user visits your website

Full Transparency

You always get complete visibility into what you are paying for and how your budget is spent

Automatic Bid Optimization

Our bid optimization algorithms constantly monitor performance and change bids to hit your ROI goal

Self & Managed Service

Easily setup campaigns and make changes instantly. We also provide managed services with no minimums

With AdElement's dynamic online ad solution, we are able to run multiple banner variations and dial-in on the banner combination that generates the best ROI for our client's campaigns. They solve the problem of having to guess which banner design will perform the best. Instead, we can run multiple headlines, images and ad sizes and provide highly relevant ad messaging. AdElement's solution lets us bring the relevancy and targeting of search to display ads. Since running with AdElement, we have seen ROI improvement 2x-3x across our clients campaigns and our display campaigns are now comparable with the ROI of our search campaigns. "

author Katinka Soto Lucy
Head of Marketing, Abax Interactive
Los Angeles, USA